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UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. provides national and international goods transport by road and storage products. The company aims to provide solutions to the logistical problems of the customer dealing with transportation and logistics in an integrated way.

According to this goal, UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. adopts a Quality Policy focused on the committed to seeking space to transport goods at national and international level with appropriate time and money to the needs of our customers, achieving their satisfaction and loyalty through a quality service.

To achieve this, is considered a priority:

1. Value added of the service

UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. customers remain faithful for years, thanks to the added value of the service, based on:

  • Personal attention to our customers.
  • Easy procedures, from recruitment until the end of service.
  • Extensive international expansion with a correspondent’s network able to respond to the customer demand and to UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. demand.
  • Highly competitive rates.

2. People

Each UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. employee is responsible of their work quality, which includes the entire logistics process. To be so, is needed:

  • The self-motivation and the attitude of each person.
  • The power of decision-making delegated to each operator.
  • Great knowledge of land transport and their “know-how”.
  • Flexibility, honesty, transparency and versatility.

3. The infrastructures

The infrastructures must ensure:

  • The ease of customer-company contact with a reliable, simple and robust communication system.
  • Computer resources capable of supporting all processes.
  • Adequate, safe and hygienic means of transport.
  • Competent carriers that strictly comply with the legislation.
  • Spaces, storage equipment and handling equipment, which are specific to the customer’s product.

In addition, UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. shall ensure the compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and a continuous improvement of the quality management system effectiveness.

Management is responsible for driving the policy implementation and the quality objectives, ensuring its implementation through annual reviews.

The implementation of this policy requires the integration of the entire team of UNIRECO LOGÍSTICA, S.A. That’s why the motivation and the training for quality are considered priority.