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General Conditions for international transport of goods by road.


  1. Application environment

1.1 These conditions, subject to the regulations contained in the International Convention CMR regarding international transport services, to LOTT regulations, regarding national transportation and assimilated from international service, as well as derived legislation in force, govern as of the date of this document, the road services provided by Unireco Logistica, SA

1.2 The contracting and use of the services of Unireco Logistica, SA implies the complete acceptance without reservation of these conditions and regulations, as well as the rates of application in force on the date of application of the service to be EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED to any other regulations regarding possible conflicts that may arise due to coincidence of concepts.


  1. Documentation and identification of the goods necessary for the provision of services.

2.1 As a general rule, and unless otherwise agreed, any contracted service must be instructed in writing to Unireco Logistica, SA

2.2 The merchandise to travel must be accompanied by the necessary documentation to comply with the regulations in force in the countries of origin, transit and destination, and especially invoices valid for customs purposes, for shipments with origin or destination to non-EEC countries.

2.3 In all the documentation that accompanies the merchandise, as well as in its labeling, the full name of the recipient must be included, as well as the place of delivery of the merchandise.

2.4 The lack of information in the documentation and / or incorrect labeling, completely exempts Unireco Logistica, SA from responsibility for losses and / or damages related to the delivery of the goods and makes the contracting company responsible for the expenses that it could cause the regularization of situations generated by incorrectly provided information.


  1. Merchandise under special documentary conditions and / or under COD conditions

3.1 In the cases in which the delivery of the merchandise is conditioned to the collection of the same, in the form of a check, letter, transfer, against documents or some other form in which Unireco Logistica, SA previously agrees to carry out the intermediation efforts, must be notified in writing clearly and expressly, prior to the performance of the service of the necessary requirements for the delivery of the goods to the recipient. Only those conditions imposed by the contracting company that have been informed in a timely manner and accepted in writing by Unireco Logistica, SA will be valid after performing the service.

3.2 Unireco Logistica, SA will invoice the contracting company for the intermediation services for the current rate for carrying them out.

3.3 In any of the above and / or other cases not expressly indicated, Unireco Logistica, SA is relieved of any responsibility for the lack of authenticity, fraud or bad faith on the part of the different parties involved in Unireco Logistica, SA and its employees. , as well as lack of kindness in relation to the document that is sent to us and / or required for the delivery of the merchandise.


  1. Goods, in general.

4.1 Unireco Logistica, SA assumes no responsibility, in any way and of any kind, regarding the actual content of the transported merchandise, due to its ignorance and impossibility of control. Unireco Logistica, SA assumes only its responsibilities in relation to the declaration made, under its sole responsibility, the sender of the shipment.

4.2 The transport of dangerous and / or ADR classified goods must be informed by the sender in writing and accepted by the same means by Unireco Logistica, SA

4.3 The following merchandise, unless otherwise agreed, are excluded from the service and in the event of being transported without acceptance by Unireco Logistica, SA, it is exempt from responsibilities in any aspect of this specification:


Perishables, refrigerated, alcohols for human consumption, tobacco and derivatives, animals, metals and precious stones, jewelry of all kinds and derivatives, natural and / or artificial pearls, coins and bills whether or not they are legal tender, lotteries and bets, securities, works of art or artistic value, collections, merchandise classified as illegal in the state regulations of the countries of loading, transit and delivery of the merchandise.

  1. General delivery times

5.1 Any information regarding delivery times is always indicative and in the case of transport in regular conditions that is not affected by external causes to Unireco Logistica, SA

5.2 The reported transit times do not take into account the possible effect of holidays in any of the countries of loading, transit and / or delivery of the goods, which may delay shipments.

5.3 The periods necessary to carry out customs procedures, those related to controls by the competent authorities of the merchandise, as well as those classified as force majeure, are not included or are of possible valuation or responsibility of Unireco Logistica, SA.


  1. Responsibility assumed by Unireco Logistica, SA

6.1 Unireco Logistica, SA assumes a responsibility, as a carrier, limited to the conditions and quantities of the CMR agreement regarding international transport and LOTT regulations, regarding national transport and assimilated originating or destined for international service .

6.2 For informational purposes, and with regard to international transport, Unireco Logistica, SA’s liability is limited to a maximum of 8.33 Units of Account per actual Kg transported. Regarding National transport, it is limited to a maximum of 1/3 of the IPREM / DAILY per real Kg transported.

6.3 The maximum financial responsibility amount assumed by Unireco Logistica, SA in case of delayed deliveries may never exceed the amount of the invoice for the delayed service. Unireco Logistica, SA will not assume any amount derived from loss of sales, production stops, displacements, or any other concept that exceeds the amount of the invoice for the delayed service.

6.4 For any other concept related to the responsibilities of Unireco Logistica, SA, the conditions established in the agreements indicated in section 5.1 of this document will apply.


  1. Insured goods

7.1 All merchandise transported by Unireco Logistica, SA, and except for the items in which CMR and / or LOTT coverage is involved, travel at the sender’s expense and risk. Unireco Logistica, SA will not insure any merchandise at all risks except written instructions, which indicate the concepts requested by Unireco LOGISTICA, SA for the correct preparation of the corresponding insurance.

7.2 Unireco Logistica, SA reserves the right to accept the formalization of the insurance due to types of non-insurable merchandise, incorrect data, merchandise status, exceeding the deadlines necessary for its preparation, or any other reason that may be subject to a fraudulent preparation of the aforementioned insurance.

7.3 The contracting of merchandise insurance to Unireco Logistica, SA, will imply the corresponding invoicing in the shipment in which it is contracted, under the tariff conditions in force at the time of contracting.


  1. Claims for breakdowns, damages, faults and reservations in the reception of merchandise

8.1 The indications or reservations for faults or damages in the reception of the merchandise, especially if they are apparent, must be indicated as completely as possible in the merchandise delivery document provided by Unireco Logistica, SA, and must be Immediately notified in writing to Unireco Logistica, SA, within the legal terms established for this purpose.

8.2 The indications in the documents of a generic nature, of the type of “Conform unless examined”, “possible damages”, “flat packages”, etc. they are not accepted by Unireco Logistica, SA without a detailed description of possible damages, losses or reservations.

8.3 Any damaged merchandise will remain immobilized until its expertise or resolution by the insurance company in charge of the claim.

8.4 Lost goods will be considered as those not delivered after 30 days from the expected delivery date.


  1. Application fees

9.1 All the services provided by Unireco Logistica, SA, which are governed by these regulations, will be invoiced according to the rates in force at the time of its execution, under the particular conditions indicated therein for each of the possible services.

9.2 Unireco Logistica, SA rates never include means of loading, stowage or unloading, porters, customs clearance and / or taxes, unless otherwise indicated in writing.

9.3 The merchandise deposited in our warehouses or those of our network of correspondents for a period of more than 7 days, for reasons beyond our service, will generate storage costs, to which the current rate will be applied, or, if they are higher , the expenses that originate in the warehouses of our network of correspondents.

9.4 The non-payment of any invoice issued by Unireco Logistica, SA supposes the automatic rescission of the conditions agreed in these conditions.


  1. Applicable law and applicable jurisdiction.

10.1 In case of conflicts not detailed in these conditions, the legislation in force in the Spanish State, and its competent courts, is applicable.


  1. Data confidentiality

11.1 In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, the personal data provided by you will be incorporated into an automated file of UNIRECO LOGISTICA, SA, in order to carry out the administration and management tasks derived from the commercial relationship. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition legally established, by communicating to UNIRECO LOGISTICA, SA, Any refusal to process your data must be notified within a maximum period of 30 days. UNIRECO LOGISTICA, SA guarantees the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the data, which can be exercised by the interested parties in the form and by any of the legally admitted means under the provisions of RLOPD,going to our address in CIM VALLÈS Parcela 12 Nave 3 – 08130 SANTA PERPETUA DE MOGODA (Barcelona).